Attorney Dmitry Lev handles Criminal Defense cases in Massachusetts courts, which include Superior, District, and Boston Municipal Court departments. In addition, Attorney Lev counsels and represents persons involved in domestic abuse prevention (209A Restraining Order) matters and those accused of violating these orders.

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Attorney Lev offers initial meetings at no charge to fully evaluate your case and your options. Please CONTACT the office to schedule an appointment.

Attorney Lev personally handles each case from the first consultation to the ultimate disposition. He conducts a thorough investigation of each matter to better ascertain the strength of the prosecution's case and the likelihood of the prosecution being able to meet its burden of proof in a criminal matter. He takes the same zealous approach to fully evaluate the story of the complainant in a 209A matter. He then focuses on the individual goals of each client, and with his client-centered approach works relentlessly towards obtaining the best possible resolution for each one.

Please be aware that no attorney-client relationship ensues until a written agreement is signed. Please see the DISCLAIMER for more details.